Kurry & Kabab Indian Cuisine Express


Today I had the pleasure of dining at an authentic Indian cuisine!  I noticed the sign for the restaurant due to the amazing location.  Located at 10725 East Colonial in Orlando, Kurry & Kabab is a family owned business and is in an ideal spot for passing cars and pedestrians to stroll by and be tempted to try this succulent cultural cuisine.  The meal portion sizes are perfect for someone who likes the feeling of satisfaction, but not feel overwhelmed.

As a student at Barry University, I am required to take certain courses to fulfill my bachelors degree in Business Administration.  I am taking a class called “Life and Afterlife of World Religions” where I have learned about the Indian culture through Hinduism and Buddhism.  I was able to strike up an interesting conversation with the employees about customs and rituals commonly practiced among Indian natives.  I was able to immerse myself among their culture and have an excellent learning experience as well.  Overall, I found the employees (Family) to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the ingredients of their food.

Upon entering the restaurant I was in the mood for a meal with curry and spice.  I ordered the Lamb Shahi Korma which was a tenderly slow cooked lamb over soft flavorful Jasmine rice and drizzled with a curry and spice sauce that was excellent.  Although I am sure that all of the dishes that are prepared are amazing, I wanted an Indian meal that had curry because it’s obvious that it’s their specialty.

Anyone willing to set out on an adventure outside of their norm should take the trip Kurry & Kabab Indian Cuisine to experience an authentic Indian meal that will have your taste buds bursting with flavor and mouth watering every time you pass by! They have a website available for your convenience to look over the menu and any further information.  The link is http://www.kurrykababexpress.com/.  Also, there are quite a few reviews for the future customers to review on Urbanspoon, a restaurant review website.  Click on the review to take you directly to customer reviews.  From one foodie to another, Bon Apetit!

Kurry & Kabab Express on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Kurry & Kabab Indian Cuisine Express

  1. Scott D. says:

    Steve, you just made me hungry for a good curry dish. I’ll have to hit that place the next time I’m in Orlando!

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