Pho Hoa Vietnamese Restaurant


Pho Hoa of Orlando!

Today I went to an Asian marketplace located in downtown Orlando for a cultural immersion experience assignment for one of my classes at Barry University.  Upon shopping at the Oriental marketplace I consulted a Vietnamese cashier on what would be a extra-ordinary oriental restaurant to eat at around the immediate Orlando area.  Naturally, because he was Vietnamese he chose a Vietnamese restaurant that he frequently visits with his family.  I was excited to see what sort of food awaited my anxious tummy that had barking at me all afternoon so I decided to stop into his suggested place called Pho Hoa.  Even though America is considered a melting pot for all nationalities I had never had authentic Vietnamese food.  Upon my visit there I was greeted with a warm welcome and extremely friendly service.  The atmosphere was very clean and the food was even better.  I highly recommend a visit to Pho Hoa as I feel it is an accurate representation of the Vietnamese culture and the food regularly consumed by the people.  Pho Hoa has a website  that hungry customers can browse their menu for an awesome Vietnamese dining experience.  If you liked your visit to Pho Hoa you can “Like” them on facebook at “Pho Hoa of Orlando.”  Below are some pictures of my meal and useful information regarding the restaurant! From one foodie to another, Bon Apetit!

Phở Hoa Noodle Soup Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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