Casa Linda Cuban Cafe

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Casa Linda Cuban Cafe!

Today I decided to try the Cuban Cafe located just down the street from my place. So what’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of dining at a Cuban restaurant? Answer = Cuban sandwich.  The funny thing was that it wasn’t on the menu!

Casa Linda Cuban Cafe is conveniently located off State Route 50 in Orlando.  It is family oriented and gives off a very “mom and pops” experience.  The staff was friendly and very helpful to people like myself who wouldn’t have a clue how to navigate a menu written in Spanish.

I visited Casa Linda Cuban Cafe looking for a light lunch and was not disappointed.  The menu offers A La Carte items such as empanadas, tamales, and croquetas, as well as sandwiches and larger meals.  I ordered beef and chicken empanadas which were satisfying enough on their own.  To top off the meal with dessert I ordered churros which were amazing! They were smothered in decadent chocolate sauce and smooth whipped cream which almost had me ordering another one if I wasn’t so calorie conscious.

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As a resident of Orlando, I am used to being surrounded by multicultural people and restaurants.  I like to step outside of my comfort zone and experience what each culture has to offer.  Often, society classifies all Spanish/Latin restaurants into the same category by calling them as such.  I have learned through experience that each country (ie: Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic) prepares and cooks their food in different ways from one another, giving them distinct variations between each of them.  At Casa Linda Cuban Cafe, you will have the opportunity to experience authentic Cuban food that will have you coming back time and time again. I would recommend taking a visit to this authentic Cuban cafe as it would be worth the visit if you are looking for good food and family atmosphere.  Although they do not have a working website, the link below from will assist you in reading alternate reviews about the restaurant.  Also, “Like” them on Facebook at “Casa Linda Orlando!”  From one foodie to another, Bon Apetit! 

Casa Linda Cuban Cafe on Urbanspoon

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